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Home Alone -2 - Tamil dubbed English movie

Movie: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York in Tamil (Tamil Dubbed English Movie)
Cast: Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern
Music: John Williams
Director: Chris Columbus
Release Year: 1992

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Macaulay Culkin stars as Kevin McCallister, who once again is separated from his family during one of their Christmas travels. This time, however, his family travels to Miami, Florida. At O'Hare International Airport, Kevin loses sight of his family, and gets on a different flight to LaGuardia Airport in New York City. While there, he decides to make the most of, as he puts it, "the greatest accident of my life". Kevin befriends the owner of a toy store and a homeless "pigeon lady" (played by Brenda Fricker). Kevin also uses his dad's credit card to check into The Plaza Hotel.

At the hotel, the concierge (played by Tim Curry) gets suspicious about Kevin's origins, and discovers that Kevin has committed credit card fraud. When Kevin learns that his nemeses (formerly know as the "Wet Bandits", and now known as the "Sticky Bandits") from the first film, Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern), have escaped from prison and plan to shoplift in a huge toy store at midnight, he knows what he needs to do.

The traps Kevin uses on the shoplifters are more elaborate, and the setting this time is his out-of-town relative's renovated apartment. He calls these plans "Operation Ho-Ho-Ho". Outside the toy store, Kevin sets up a seesaw. When Harry and Marv run outside to chase after Kevin, Harry lands on one end and Marv lands on the other end. Marv's massive build throws Harry high into the air, and then Harry lands on top of -- and smashes -- a car parked on the street.

At the apartment, Harry tries to jump on a high ladder, but slips off, and lands on his back because the rungs are coated in liquid soap. He then has tools dropped on his head from an overhead bag after he opens a door. He then sets his head on fire (again) with a ceiling-mounted flamethrower, and then tries to douse it in the toilet, not knowing that there is kerosene in it. He then falls with another ladder when the ladder breaks under his weight -- because Kevin sawed part of it earlier -- taking Harry with it and knocking him out and almost breaking his fingers and teeth.

While alone, Marv has several staples fired into his face and body from a staple gun hidden behind the front door every time he turns the doorknob. He also falls through an entire floor into the basement, slipping on soap, and sliding into shelves with various paint cans. He even has a bag of cement fall onto his head. Perhaps the worst injury that he sustains is a near-lethal electrocution while trying to wash the paint off in the utility sink, to which Kevin had hooked a welder to ecectrify it. He builds a tower out of various items and climbs out of the basement through a hole in the floor just in time to see Harry and the ladder come down.

Along with Marv, Harry ducks some paint cans, but is knocked down into the basement by a large metal pipe. The pipe is then cut down by Kevin, and it rolls down the stairs, and lands on the two shoplifters. Harry and Marv are crushed between a door and a wall after a tool chest rolls down the penthouse stairs, and breaks the door off its hinges. Finally, after trying to climb down an outside rope, Kevin lights it up (the rope was also doused in kerosene). Frantically climbing up, the two shoplifters fall down, and break apart a scaffold, which launches cans of varnish into the air, splattering all over the shoplifters.

Even though Harry and Marv capture Kevin, the "pigeon lady" rescues him by throwing birdseed onto the criminals, which sticks to the varnish. This causes dozens of pigeons to swarm the two frightened shoplifters. Kevin later sets off some firecrackers, which he bought earlier, alerting the police. They arrive, and as the shoplifters are arrested, one of the cops sees photos of Harry and Marv shoplifting at the toy store.

Meanwhile, Kevin's mother (Catherine O'Hara) is frantically searching New York City for Kevin. She stumbles across two police officers, and while talking to them, she comes to realize where she thinks he might be. The policemen drive her to Rockefeller Center, where Kevin is looking at the enormous Christmas tree there. Eventually, she finds Kevin.

The next morning, Christmas Day, Mr. Duncan (the owner of Duncan's Toy Chest) sends a whole truckload of presents to Kevin and his family at the Plaza Hotel. Kevin sees the two turtledoves. He goes to see the "pigeon lady" in Central Park, and gives her one of the turtledoves. At the same time, the bellboy (Rob Schneider) comes to the McCallisters' hotel room with Kevin's room service bill. Buzz looks at the bill and says, "Merry Christmas, indeed." Then he calls out, "Oh, Dad!" Then Kevin's father shouts out, "Kevin! You spent $967 on room service?!". Kevin runs back to the hotel, and the credits roll.
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