Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Mission: Impossible III in Tamil (Tamil dubbed English movie)

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Ethan Hunt has given up field work, and instead is focused on training new IMF operatives. He's about to marry Julia, despite misgivings from his former team members, who say their jobs leave no room for relationships.
Hunt is called back into action when his team attempts to rescue an IMF operative that's being held in Berlin by uber-arms dealer Owen Davian. The attempt fails, and suggests corruption within senior levels of IMF. The team heads to Vatican City, where Davian is to receive an award from the Pope, and kidnaps Davian.
Back in the US, Davian is quickly helped to escape, again implying an IMF connection, but first he threatens to hurt Hunt's wife or girlfriend and kill Hunt in front of her. Hunt tries to prevent Davian's thugs from kidnapping Julia, but fails. Davian gives Hunt 48 hours to obtain the "rabbit's foot" - some kind of super-bomb - or Julia will be killed. The IMF team sets off for Shanghai to rescue Julia.
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18 October 2008 at 21:30
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